It's impossible to reach everyone in the world with a 30-day crowdfunding campaign. Many have asked how they can support us now that our Kickstarter has successfully closed. Good news! You can still make a secure pledge right here on our site!

Why do we still need money? To be candid, the producers put everything on the line to make this film. Every penny of the Kickstarter funds (and even some personal funds) went into creating the very highest production value possible. With less than less than two months prep time, we assembled some of the best talent in Hollywood, including actors Ben Cross (J.J. Abrams' Star Trek), Eugene Brave Rock (Wonder Woman), and Karina Lombard (Legends of The Fall). We also had renowned artist, David Atherton, on makeup from Oscar-winning Dances With Wolves and Kristi Hoffman on costumes from Oscar-winning The Revenant. These and more partnered with us generously to make an amazing film all of us believe in.  

The purpose of our concept short film is to inspire the full-length feature. We are confident it will, now that it's completed and our premieres are under way, but we need funds for marketing, promotion, and additional fundraising. 

This site offers a fast and easy way to pledge securely with a credit card or Paypal and because our pledge options require no physical fulfillment, you are assured every penny of your pledge will go toward the film and its successful exhibition.

For larger pledges, please call (323) 389-5323 to arrange a wire transfer or other form of pledge delivery. This avoids the 3.5% credit card processing fee. We are honored to have your support. Thank you!

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