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Reign of Judges: Title of Liberty is a fan-driven beginning… to the epic New World saga of love, war, revolution, and freedom. It's a period-action film, like Braveheart, but set in the 73 BC pre-Columbian New World. The first North American (Book of Mormon) war epic. A humble soldier becomes the mighty protector of a young republic. Moroni [mo-ro-nigh] bolsters his country with revolutionary prowess, but he must bridle the airs of a vain nation and the tyrannical coup of an unforeseen foe to maintain the freedom of the land.

Our full feature script was completed when we launched on July 4th, 2014. As part of our launch, we did something never done before on a major motion picture-- we released the first 19 pages of our script to the public. Those pages were downloaded over 9,000 times.

Our full feature script has been through over 100 revisions and continues to be refined to this day. After three years in development, at the constant encouragement from our fans, we finally leveraged Kickstarter to fund a blockbuster concept short film. In thirty days, with 1,601 backers, we raised $171,157 of our $150,000 minimum goal and we raised an additional $50,000 outside of Kickstarter, making in total $221,157 raised. Pledges ranged from $1 to $70,000 with some of our largest pledges coming from individuals who made tremendous sacrifice to do so. For example, one of our $6,000 backers was a full time pizza delivery guy-- and one of our $500 backers was a single mother who pledged her entire savings to the film. Because of the absolutely courageous faith from so many earnest supporters, our concept short film was honored to be the 3rd ALL-TIME Highest Funded Short Film of Kickstarter in 2017.

Fast forward seven months and we released our completed concept short film in limited theaters across the globe, kicking off from the iconic Fox Village Theatre in Los Angeles.

Our concept short film quickly grew into a breakout hit, selling nearly 10,000 tickets worldwide in 34 U.S. States and four different countries. With 470+ ratings, our concept has 8.8 stars on IMDb. Check out the trailer:

After a nearly $100K box office, we launched a second Kickstarter to release our concept short film for purchase on Blu-ray/DVD. With 2,649 backers we raised $271,000 ($169K inside Kickstarter and $102K outside), making in total nearly $500K and 4,250 backers this film movement has attracted as of our second Kickstarter closing. Only 21 film projects of 25,000 on Kickstarter have ever raised that much

So, what's next?

We have now entered an "all or nothing" funding phase. We must raise the full $20-$40M needed to produce our full feature or it cannot be made. We are excited to finally accept investments from accredited investors, now through December 31st of 2019 (the "Raise Period"). During the Raise Period, investment funds are NOT spent but are held in a separate holding account until full funding is achieved.

For more information about this once in a lifetime investment opportunity and for a FREE private screener of our breakout concept short film, fill out an Investment Form or call us directly at (323) 389-5323.

We also have great need for funds we CAN spend for hiring additional writers/producers. We are taking pledge donations through our DONATION page and you can also support the funding of our full feature by getting a copy of our concept short film right HERE on our website.